Holiday Spotlight 2017 — Siri Paulson

Siri Paulson

New for 2017

A New Year On Vega III

A Holiday To Remember 2017

Author:  Siri Paulson

Publisher:  Mischief Corner Books

Publication date: 12/30/17

Cover artist: Catherine Dair

Genre: Science Fiction/ Holiday

Length:  Short story

Characters:  Anil and Beck

Summary:  On the colony planet Vega III, everyone knows Beck—outgoing, fabulous, and genderqueer—and nobody notices Anil, the quiet plant biologist. But when Anil finds Beck hiding in his greenhouse, lonely and missing Earth, it’s Anil who is able to comfort Beck by letting them talk about what they miss most—the feeling that comes with celebrating the holidays with loved ones, especially New Year’s Eve. ​The two of them are drawn to one another, but both of them are hiding secrets about their sexuality. With trust between them already on shaky ground, Anil’s elaborate plans to cheer Beck may well backfire.

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