Week Two Recap – 2017 Love is Love Holiday Delights


Week two of the 2017 Love is Love Holiday Delights event has come to a close.  I hope you enjoyed discovering new holiday stories and possibly finding new authors too.

Below is a list of the authors featured this week and a link to their Holiday Spotlight.  When you click on thier link, the new holiday books are designated with New for 2017


Claire Davis and Al Stewart         https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Pc       

C.S. Poe                                                     https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2NI                   

Silvia Violet                                           https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2QA                 

J.Scott Coatsworth                          https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2QD                 

Kasia bacon                                          https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2T0                  

Eli Easton                                              https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Pn                  

Laura Baumbach                             https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Rs                   

Terry Poole                                        https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2ST                   

Astrid Amara                                   https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Oj                   

John Amory                                      https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Om                

Kol Anderson                                  https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2O9                 

Keira Andrews                               https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Oq

C.J. Anthony                                    https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Ob                 

Shira Anthony                                https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Oo                 

J.P. Barnaby                                    https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Ou                 

J.P. Bowie                                        https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Ow                

Kenzie Cade                                  https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Oy                  

Mary Calmes                                 https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2OB                 

Cardeno C.                                      https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2OD                 

Skylar M. Cates                            https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2OF                  

Joanna Chambers                      https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2OH                             

Lex Chase                                        https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Uw                             

L.C. Chase                                        https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2OJ                              

T.A. Chase                                       https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2OL                              

Charlie Cochet                             https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2OO     

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