Holiday Spotlight 2017 —- J. Scott Coatsworth

J. Scott Coatsworth

New for 2017

I Only Want To Be With You

 A Holiday To Remember 2017

Author:  J. Scott Coatsworth

Mischief Corner Books

Publication date: 12/27/17

Cover artist: Catherine Dair

Genre: Contemporary Holiday

Length: Short Story

Characters:  Derrek and Ryan

Summary:  Derrek is dealing with the recent, unexpected death of his mother. He’s been alone for five year since his husband Will died, and he’s ready to find someone new and to start living again. Ryan lost his partner, David, in an auto accident, and is dating Alex, who doesn’t treat him right. Derrek can’t figure out why Ryan won’t see what’s right in front of his face. Why does Ryan come to him to talk about all his hopes, dreams, and fears, then go home to Alex? If Derrek can figure that out, they might just have a shot.

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