Week One ~~ 2107 Love is Love Holiday Spotlights – recap


I hope you enjoyed Week One of the 2017 Love is Love Holiday Delights event.  It was a great week with 26 New Holiday stories.  There were 18 new authors and 8 returning authors this week.  I love discovering new authors, and it is awesome to have so many returning authors with new holiday stories. Be sure to scroll down the Holiday Spotlight for the returning authors.  In addition to their new holiday stories, you will find links to holiday stories from their previous Holiday Spotlights.  ❤

Week One of the 2017 Love is Love Holiday Delights Event – recap

In case you missed any of the featured spotlights here is a list with links.

Monday 11/20/2017

Elliot Cooper                      https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2MX                             

Angel Martinez                   https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Tv                                               

Robert Winter                     https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Nr                           

Laura Bailo                             https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Nx                               

Tanya Chris                            https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2NC                              

Helen Juliet                           https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2PU                               

Tuesday 11/21/2017      

Freddy MacKay                    https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2PY                

Foster Bridget Cassidy      https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Q4                  

Toni Griffin                                https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Q9                  

Nicole Dennis                           https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Ql                    

Kassandra Lea                        https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Qp                 

 Jill Wexler                                https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Q3                  

 Wednesday 11/22/17

 Riza Curtis                                https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2QT                               

Shae Connor                            https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2QY                              

 Ofelia Gränd                           https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2R1                            

Jayne Lockwood                    https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Qv                             

Tray Ellis                                    https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2QB                              

Megan Slayer                           https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Rn                          

Thursday 11/23/2017

Neil S. Placky                           https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Rw                          

Mark Zubro                              https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2RA                              

Aidee Ladnier                           https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2RI                                

Shiloh Saddler                         https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2RO                              

Friday 11/24/2017

Brandon Witt                            https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2S3                             

Bru baker                                     https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2SC                            

Amy Lane                                       https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2Rc                                

Jay Northcote                             https://wp.me/p8tMlD-2SZ                                


(Authors – if you submitted books but I have not received book covers – these are on hold. Please send buy links when you have them.  I have your spotlight prepared and I am looking forward to posting your spotlight)


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