Holiday Spotlight 2017 – Shiloh Saddler

Shiloh Saddler

New for 2017

Title:  Snow Creek Mountain

Shifting Through the Snow Collection #1

Author:  Shiloh Saddler

Publisher:  MLR Press

Publication date: 12/8/2017

Cover artist: Kris Jacen

Gay Historical Paranormal Romance

Length: Short Story

Reindeer Shifter Horatio Kringle and Marshal Mathew Oden

Summary:  When Marshal Oden is left for dead on Snow Creek Mountain he never thought his rescuer would be a reindeer shifter. Two outlaws take Marshal Oden prisoner and leave him to freeze on Snow Creek Mountain. Marshal Oden tries to find shelter and build a fire, but he knows his time is running out. He sends up a silent plea for help, and is shocked and relieved when a mountain man comes to his aid. Horatio Kringle is a member of K herd. He knows he’s different from the other reindeer shifters-he prefers men. He hasn’t come out yet, but when he saves Marshal Oden he knows the lawman is meant to be his mate. The two of them are vastly opposite. Can they find a way to make this sudden pairing work?

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