Holiday Spotlight 2017 – Riza Curtis

Riza Curtis

New for 2017

Title:  The Cupids Do Christmas

Series:  Public Limited Cupids

Author:  Riza Curtis

Publisher:  Self-published

Publication date: 11/22/17

Cover artist: Riza Curtis

Gay romance, paranormal romance, Holiday

Length: Short story

Grumpy cupid Piotr and Santa’s helper Danny

Summary:  Piotr “Snake” Lewin has had it with his job as one of Aphrodite’s cupids. He’s sick of all the true love bollocks, and if he has to watch one more couple fall in love, heads are going to roll. Probably literally. The final straw is the announcement that the cupids will be helping out Father Christmas in the run up to the most materialistic day of the year. One overcommercialised holiday a year is more than enough, thanks. That’s it. Piotr quits. Now, he just has to survive the one month notice period at ‘The North Pole’, and the cute elf who’s dead set on making friends.

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Twitter:  @rizacurtis


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