Corpies (Super Powereds Spinoff #1) By Drew Hayes, Narration by Kyle McCarley

Title:  Corpies

Series: Super Powereds Spinoff #1

Author: Drew Hayes

Narrator:  Kyle McCarley

Publication date:  May 24th 2016     (Original publication date: April 13, 2016)

Publisher:  Tantor Audio

Genre: Super Heroes, Sci-Fi, paranormal, Adult, Young adult, LGBTQIA

Blurb:  Titan was one of the nation’s most loved and respected Heroes, until an infidelity scandal tore his image and family apart. After decades spent out of the limelight, Owen Daniels has decided to take up the mantle of Titan once again to try and make amends for his years away. Unfortunately, the Titan Scandal is still common knowledge, and no Hero team wants such a polarizing figure. With no other options, Owen is forced to take a job overseeing a group of corpies, corporate-sponsored Supers who do rescue work… as long as there are cameras around.

Between a team that doesn’t want him, fellow Heroes who don’t trust him, and a nation that might not be ready to forgive the sins of the past, the return of Titan could prove even harder than the scandal that drove him away. But Owen will have to push on, because his new city is far from a peaceful one. A mysterious enemy is attacking Heroes and growing steadily stronger. An enemy that only the once-legendary Titan might be able to stop.

If he can manage to stick around this time.

Thoughts:  After reading Super Powereds Year 2 and finding out about Hershel and Roy’s father, Titan, I was curious how this book would go. I read a lot of MM romance and other LGBTQIA fiction. Having a gay character in a book not targeted at a particular audience was pretty cool . This book is part of a super hero series. This particular story is about a hero who happens to be gay.
The characters, both heroes and supers, are battling villains, giant robots and dealing with prejudices from people without super hero abilities as well as other supers, heroes and powereds. You would think all people with “super” abilities would support one another, but this is not the case, as it often is in real life. The prejudice also touches on how people react to a gay hero.  It touches on how people sometimes behave towards others that are different from themselves.  
I enjoyed finding out more about Titan’s character, what drove him to the choices he made, how others reacted and what has changed now that he has re-entered the hero world again. The story is fun, fast paced, has an awesome cast of characters and I have to say Hexcellent is one of my all time favorite characters.
I listened to the audiobook and I love the narration. Kyle McCarley does a wonderful job
A wonderful spinoff to the Super Powereds series. 



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