The Invasion of Adam (Tork & Adam #2) by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Title: The Invasion of Adam

Series: Tork & Adam  Book 2

Authors: Claire Davis & Al Stewart

Publication date: December 1st, 2015

Publisher:  Beaten Track

Genre: Contemporary, M/M, College age, New Adult

Blurb: College life, fun nights out, guys everywhere—Adam thought his life was perfect…

Until he met Tork.

Green-haired Tork creates origami models and reads Dickens. He lives in supported housing, and he is absolutely not impressed by money.

Adam and Tork come from opposite worlds, but even as Adam fights it, the attraction stays strong.

Will Tork win the battle to understand his past and be well? Is there another Adam beneath that polished surface? Can they overcome their differences, and will there be dancing at midnight?

Find out what happens in a year of Adam, Tork, and Dickens the cat.

Sequel to The Invasion of Tork but can be read as a stand-alone.

Thoughts:   I discovered Adam and Tork during my MM Holiday Delights event. The authors stated it had a holiday theme and after reading the blurb and reviews, I bought it. I loved it. I am finally getting back to the guys and they are as wonderful as I remembered. I still got aggravated with Adam and his sarcasm, but I finally understood some things about him and his coping techniques. Tork has my heart and although it was hard to see him still struggle, he has become so much stronger. He shines and Adam shines with him. This is a beautiful story, filled with so many emotions. Fear, anger, hope, love and forgiveness.
I consider this book as also having a holiday theme (if only a part) I am definitely adding it to next years list. ❤

You can purchase the book here:

Beaten Track Publishing



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