Drinker of Blood (SPECTR 2) #3 Written by Jordan L Hawk

Title: Drinker of Blood

Series: SPECTR 2  Book 3

Author: Jordan L Hawk

Publication Date:  March 17, 2017

Genre: paranormal, mystery

Blurb:  An outbreak of demon attacks across Charleston has worn SPECTR agent John Starkweather to the bone. Now a new threat faces his team: a demon with bullet—and bite—proof skin, which can’t be stopped by ordinary means.

John’s only solace comes in the form of his lovers: Caleb Jansen and the vampire spirit Gray. Caleb and Gray have their own problems, however. Unbeknownst to John, they’ve been tracking a mysterious entity across the city. And after they finally come face to face with their quarry, nothing will ever be the same.

Thoughts:  I love the SPECTR series. All of them. Every time a new books comes out, I am excited and a bit nervous. What is going to happen to our guys?
I had to sit back and think about this one. I am a huge fan of Gray/Caleb and John. Zahira fits in perfectly with the guys in the new series too. This book had a transitional feel to me. Some information is revealed that was brought into focus in the last book. There is more turmoil within the trio and the ending left me feeling off kilter. I am used to the serial style these books are written in and the arc for the NHE mystery was basically left solved but not quite and there are many unanswered questions regarding SPECTR, John, Caleb/Gray, Zahira, the new characters, the influx of NHE’s and more. There is a lot going on and I think I will be puzzling over it until the next book. As always, it is fast paced and riveting, just left me with a lot of questions and a bit nervous for the guys.
I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

You can purchase it here:  Amazon

You can find the First series here:  SPECTR First series



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