Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Nicole Kimberling

Nicole Kimberling

nk_theredthreadofforeverlove_coverlg-holiday-delights-2016-nicole-kimberlingTitle:  The Red Thread of Forever Love
Series: Standalone
Author: Nicole Kimberling
Publisher:  Loose ID
Publication date:  December 28, 2010
Cover artist:  April Martinez
Genre: M/M, paranormal
Length: 90 pp Novella
Characters:  Hank Caldwell and Daisuke Tachibana
Summary:  A “Not Quite New Year” Story! Folklore researcher and PhD candidate Hank Caldwell has a problem. He’s come to Japan to get information for his book on supernatural creatures called yokai. Along the way he discovers that yokai are not only real, but one of them is determined to make Hank his forever lover. Translator Daisuke Tachibana knows all about the shadowy figure in a business suit who keeps accosting Mr. Caldwell. He knows the creature must be stopped, but how? Their upcoming research trip to a remote, hot springs resort will be exactly the opening the yokai is looking for. Now if only Tachibana could stop thinking about Mr. Caldwell’s naked, freckled body submerged in steaming water long enough to formulate a plan to keep the amorous creature at bay.

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Twitter: @nkimberling69

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