MM Holiday Delights Week Four

Welcome to Week Four of the 2016 MM Holiday Delights event.

I hope you have enjoyed the event so far and have found many wonderful holiday stories to delight you.   Following this weeks line up, I will post the previous weeks author Holiday Spotlights.  Just in case you missed them or have a particular Holiday Spotlight you would like to revisit.

I also found some authors who have new books this year that did not make the 2016 MM Holiday Delights event.  I will post links to these also.  If you know of any holiday books that are not on the list, please let me know.  The more the merrier.

The Holiday Spotlights post at 07:00am, 09:00am, 11:00am and 5:00pm CT USA

Monday – December 12, 2016  –  Rhys Ford (so excited!  new content added) , Harper Fox, L.E. Frank, Hunter Frost                                    

Tuesday – December 13, 2016  –   Ofelia Gränd, L.B. Gregg, Andrew Grey, Liam Grey

Wednesday –  December 14, 2016 – Toni Griffin, Kaje Harper, Daisy Harris, Dianne Hartsock   

Thursday –  December 15, 2016 -Jordan L Hawk, Saxon Hawke, Gwen Hayes, Pat Henshaw

Friday – December 16, 2016 – John Inman, Annabelle Jacobs, Ashley John (new book  added that was brought to my attention late), Nicole Kimberling                          

Spotted on Facebook:

Glass Tidings by Amy Jo Cousins on The Novel Approach Reviews.

Josh Lanyon is having a Christmas, Holiday, Book Release, Goodbye 2016 party on Facebook December  17 – December 18, 2016.

2016 Holiday Spotlight Update from author Ofelia Gränd   (Free book – limited time)

Extasy Books is having a 2016 Holiday Countdown.  Not all of the books are M/M so you will have to read the blurbs.  Definitely taking a look!

Holiday Spotlights for weeks one through three

CS Poe                         

K.C. Faelan                

Josh Lanyon             

Isobel Starling          

Alexis Woods           

C.J. Anthony            

Amy Lane                  

Nicole Kimberling   

Dawn Sister              

Suki Fleet                  

Felice Stevens         

Silvia Violet               

Ofelia Gränd            

Al Stewart and

Claire Davis               

Amy Spector            

Jay Northcote          

Max Vos                    

Hunter Frost            

Eli Easton                   

Annabelle Jacobs   

Jordan L. Hawk       

Pat Henshaw           

Lou Sylvre                 

Lex Chase                  

Brandon Witt           

Debbie McGowan

J.J. Cassidy                          

Rhys Ford                   

Jamie Fessenden  

2016 New Anthologies

Astrid Amara            

John Amory              

Kol Anderson           

Keira Andrews        

C.J. Anthony            

Shira Anthony         

J.P Barnaby               

J.P. Bowie                    

Kenzie Cade             

Mary Calmes            

Cardeno C.                


Skylar Cates             

Joanna Chambers


L.C. Chase                  

T.A. Chase                 

Charlie Cochet       

Joe Cosentino          

Amy Jo Cousins       

Heidi Cullinan            

Kim Dare                       

Ethan Day                     

Megan Derr                 

Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee       

Mari  Donne                   

Amy Rae Durreson   


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