Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Atom Yang

Atom Yang

Red Envelope by Atom YangRed Envelope
Author: Atom Yang  
Publisher: MLR Press
Publication date: December 04, 2015


Blurb: The Chinese New Year is a time for saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future, but Clint doesn’t want to bid farewell to his cousin’s handsome American friend, Weaver, after they share an unexpected passionate encounter.

The Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday in the Chinese calendar, a time for family reunions, and for saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future. Clint, however, doesn’t want to bid farewell to what happened after last year’s celebration, when he and his Cousin Maggie’s handsome Caucasian friend, Weaver, shared an unexpected but long-desired passionate encounter. East is East and West is West, and Weaver seems to want to keep it that way, but maybe Clint can bridge that great divide this coming New Year, and show Weaver what it means to be loved and accepted.

Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Therese Woodson

Therese Woodson

The Trouble with Elves by Therese WoodsonThe Trouble with Elves
Author: Therese Woodson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date: November 30, 2013


Blurb: Cal Martin loathes Christmas music, especially the clichéd carols pumped through the mall speakers on endless loop. Even worse is the holiday-themed hell of Santa’s Village that looms right in front of the sports store he manages. It’s yet another hurdle for Cal as he tries to survive the world of retail during the soul-sucking holiday season… until he catches a glimpse of one of Santa’s elves and becomes infatuated with the cheery, gorgeous guy dressed in candy-cane tights.

Of course, just walking up to the guy and asking him out isn’t easy, and a botched attempt at matchmaking ends up turning a simple courtship into a mess for the gossip page. What can Cal do to overcome his social ineptitude, correct erroneous assumptions, and maybe have a merry little Christmas of his own?

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar package “Heartwarming”.

Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Em Woods

Em Woods

A Christmas Carol cahrles Dickens and Em WoodsA Christmas Carol (Clandestine Classics)
Author: Charles Dickens & Em Wood
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Publication date: December 3, 2012


The Classics Exposed…:
A Christmas Carol by Em Woods and Charles Dickens
Love at first sight is a beautiful thing, but sometimes, true love waits a lifetime to shine…and then needs a little help from the Three Ghosts of Christmas.

As a young man, Ebenezer Scrooge felt the sharp pain of loss and resolved to protect his heart from all others, taking solace in his gold and silver. Years of discarding his own emotions, and those of anyone around him, has turned Scrooge cold.

When deceased lover and partner Jacob Marley pays miserly Scrooge a late night visit, pride and disbelief buoy Scrooge’s courage. As the fabled Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-to-Come arrive to show Scrooge the error of his ways, they also give him brief glimpses of a love so strong it has stood the test of time.

In an inspiring tale of change, a deep-seated need flares to life, leaving Scrooge without a doubt that love and family are what really matter at Christmas.

Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Alexis Woods

Alexis Woods

alexis-woods-hammers-thief-coverTitle: Hammer’s Thief    new-icon-2016
Series:  Chosen Angels (Book II)
Author:  Alexis Woods
Publisher:  Beaten Track Publishing
Publication date:  December 1, 2016
Cover artist:  Photo by Strangeland Photography – Cover art by Francu Godgluck
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranornma
Length: 302 pages (80,000)
Characters:  Judah Maccabee and Locke
Summary:  Eight nights to fall in love. Running away from his foster home at eighteen, Locke struggles to survive the brutal winter streets in Atlantic City. Trust is a fickle thing, and Locke hasn’t had much of it. He’s worked hard for everything he has. When a helpful security guard takes him in during a Code Blue, Locke discovers that some things are more than they seem. His fantasy becomes reality, but sometimes reality is too good to be true. Graced by God, Judah Maccabee has dwelt in Yahweh’s kingdom for nigh on two thousand years, rising through His ranks to become a leader among the warrior angels. A blessing bestowed, Yahweh has found the one for him. Now Judah has only the eight nights of Chanukah to fall in love with the one who will complete him. The only catch – his other half must love him in return if he is to stay earthbound. But expecting Locke to fall just as hard and fast as he does rebounds in a devastating way. When egos rule and demons lurk, can these two men pull together, trust in family and faith, and earn love? And can they do it in a single week?

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lions-hero-alexis-woods-boughs-of-evergreen-a-holiday-anthologyTitle:  Lion’s Hero
Series:  Chosen Angels I
Author:  Alexis Woods
Publisher:  Beaten Track
Publication date:  December 2015
Cover artist:  Francu Godgluck
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 54 pages
Characters:  Ari and Gabriel
Summary:  Eight nights to fall in love. Ari has a mission: meet and fall in love with a man chosen for him by God. The catch: he only has eight nights to do complete it – the eight nights of Chanukah. Gabriel has a test of faith. Reaching out to a young man, he finds himself confronted with the unbelievable. Believe, and the Festival of Lights may herald a miracle.

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Holiday Spotlight 2016 -Brandon Witt

Brandon Witt

christmas-miracles-of-a-recently-fallen-spruceTitle: Christmas Miracles of a Recently Fallen Spruce
Author:  Brandon Witt
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Publication date:  December 01, 2015
Cover artist:  Paul Richmond
Genre: MM Contemporary Holiday
Length: 7000 words
Characters:  Paxton Peterson and Logan Charles
Summary:  Paxton Peterson’s favorite day of the year is his annual Gay Boy Christmas dinner. He’s checked and double-checked his to-do list, because nothing stresses him out like the unexpected. Confident everything will run smoothly, Paxton embarks on his yearly snowshoed hike through the Rocky Mountains near his home. His perfectly planned evening is cut short by Logan Charles’s careless enjoyment of his brother’s snowmobile, and Paxton is stranded in the woods. It’s the worst thing that could’ve possibly happened to him—or maybe the best.

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file_000Title: Teddy Bears   new-icon-2016
Author:  Brandon Witt
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Publication date:  December 01, 2016
Cover artist:  L.C. Chase
Genre: MM Contemporary Holiday
Length: 15000 words
Characters: Brian McKay and James Olsen
Summary: Other than working the front desk of a gay bathhouse in Denver, Brian McKay is a bit of a recluse. At the best of times, his social life consists of work, role-playing games at a local toyshop, and making YouTube videos with his Teddy Bear hamsters. The arrival of the holidays—with the annoying music, Christmas shopping, and all the reminders of how he disappointed his father—just reinforces his reclusive nature. When James Olsen, a gorgeous daddy bear who frequents the bathhouse, notices him, Brian is at a loss. He’s not proud of his own bear status or his struggle with weight. The idea that James has interest in him beyond an easy hookup is more than Brian can fathom. But with a little bit of holiday magic, James might help Brian learn to accept Christmas again—and himself.





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Holiday spotlight 2016 – K.C. Wells

K.C. Wells

Connections by KC wellsConnections
Author: K.C. Wells
Publisher: Island Tales Press
Publication date: November 10, 2014


Blurb: With one week until Christmas, David Poulter is on his way to a reunion of his Chemistry degree group, fifteen years after they all graduated from Manchester University. He’s looking forward to seeing his old friends. They’ve lost touch over the years, and it will be good to see them all again.
Especially Cameron Trent. Talk about the one that got away… Still, David wasn’t out when he was a student, and as for Cameron, David didn’t have a clue as to his friend’s sexuality.
So when David finds himself unexpectedly sitting opposite Cameron on the train to Manchester, he can’t believe it. And when he learns that not only is Cameron gay, but that his confident exterior hid a shy young man who was too nervous to come right out and ask him on a date all those years ago, the trip up north takes a new direction – one that David is not going to forget.
And Christmas might be very different this year.

Holiday Spotlight 2016 – T.A. Webb

T.A. Webb

His Name was Harley Manfield by T.A. WebbHis Name was Harley Manfield
Author: T.A. Webb
Publisher: A Bear on Books
Publication date: November 15, 2013


Blurb: They were the Three Musketeers.

College friends, they bond quickly. Time passes, and each man chooses his own path in life. One goes to Maine, one to New York. Harley stays in Atlanta, keeping their home safe.

When tragedy strikes, secrets are revealed and hearts are broken, The glue that held them together is tested, but in the midst of all their pain, Harley’s love still binds them together.

Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Deanna Wadsworth

Deanna Wadsworth

Ms Claus's List Deanna Wadsworth The Naughty North Pole Book 1Ms Claus’s List (The Naughty North Pole Book One)
Author: Deanna Wadsworth
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Publication date: November 22, 2011


I am Ms. Claus.
Note the Ms. not the Mrs.?

Santa is my twin brother…not sure how the married rumor got started, eeew!…but he runs the North Pole except for that one most magical night of the year: Christmas Eve. When Santa is away, the elves will play. With me, if they’re lucky enough to be picked from my List.

Please, no nice elves need apply. Because I really want to find out how naughty you can be!
Pip's Boxing Day Wish (The Naughty North Pole Book 2) Deanna WadsworthPip’s Boxing Day Wish (The Naughty North Pole Book Two)
Author: Deanna Wadsworth
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Publication date:  December 14, 2011


Blurb: All Pip wanted when he came to the North Pole as one of Santa’s elves was to belong. He thought he would finally find acceptance by his peers after Santa’s sister Ms. Claus selected him and two elves for a wild night of debauchery on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the morning after the hot four-way, it seems Pip’s reputation has gone from juvenile delinquent to slut.

And to make matters worse, the sexy green-eyed elf Erik appears determined to ignore him despite their Christmas Eve connection. When Santa sends Pip on a special assignment with Erik on Boxing Day, will it be the most awkward day of his life or will Pip get the wish nearest and dearest to his heart?

A Gift For Santa (The Naughty North Pole Book 3) Deanna WadsworthA Gift for Santa (The Naughty North Pole Book Three)
Author: Deanna Wadsworth
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Publication date; December 01, 2012


Blurb:   Since birth, demi-god Nick Claus has heard the demands, wishes and dreams of all humans. Unable to grant the wishes of adults because they want love, health, and peace on Earth—things he cannot provide—Nick has devoted his eternity to granting the wishes of children by bringing them toys on Christmas Eve.

But what about the things Nick wants? Will he ever find the love he craves? Or will he continue to pretend the North Pole has not become lonely and Christmas is all he needs?

Enter Jack Frost.

The winter sprite has been teasing Nick and flirting with him ever since the first kiss they shared, centuries ago. With a saucy proposition, Jack convinces Nick to take a few minutes out for himself despite the busy Christmas season. The catch is, Jack hates Christmas.

Will Nick be able to melt the heart of Jack Frost, or will he end up getting frostbite from this sexy, naughty sprite?


Fun and Games with Rudolph (The Naughty North Pole Book 4) Deanna WadsworthFun and Games With Rudolph (The Naughty North Pole Book Four)
Author: Deanna Wadsworth
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Publication date: November 26, 2013


Blurb:  Lars is the sarcastic elf who runs Santa’s Mail Department and he follows the dating rule of “no repeats”. But lately he’s been having a romantic textlationship with another elf, via the dating app Elf4Elf. When his cyber boyfriend goes AWOL after a misunderstanding, Lars realizes too late that there is more to life than sex, work, and cookies.

On Christmas Eve, Santa asks Lars to personally deliver a gift to Rudolph—a former reindeer handler who left the North Pole because of a misunderstanding. Rudolph lives on the secluded Sugar Plum Ridge and the only way to get there is by sleigh. Lars just can’t get a break!

When a sudden blizzard forces the two elves to hole up in Rudolph’s cabin, will they find a way to make their own fun and games or will one surprise ruin it all?

One thing is certain: after this night, they both will believe in the magic of the Naughty North Pole!
Everybody Hates Fruitcake (The Naughty North Pole Book 5)Everybody Hates Fruitcake (The Naughty North Pole Book 5)
Author: Deanna Wadsworth
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Publication date: November 21, 2014


Blurb: Ivan has the bad luck to be the only elf at the naughty North Pole with fruitcake-flavored cum—and he’s not telling anyone. When fellow elf Jimmy hits on him, Ivan fears revealing his secret and losing a chance to have a real relationship with the sexy elf.

After all, everybody hates fruitcake!

Danni’s wife Sheila is the Head Chef at the North Pole. Unfortunately, while Sheila hunts for the perfect recipe for fruitcake, she neglects her wifely duties. So when Ivan tells Danni about his dilemma, she devises a plan to solve both of their problems.

Can these two girls help Ivan realize he is perfect just the way he is? Will Danni’s wife perfect her fruitcake recipe with Ivan’s special ingredient? But most importantly, will Ivan have the courage to take Jimmy up on his offer?

Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Max Vos

Max Vos


christmas-memories-3-max-vosTitle: Christmas Memories 3: Home Sweet Home
Series:  Christmas Memories   new-icon-2016
Author:  Max Vos
Publisher: Max Vos, Inc.
Publication date:  Nov. 22, 2016
Cover artist:  A.J. Corza
Genre: M/M Holiday
Length: 38k words
Characters:  J.J. Jones, Adam Sutton and family
Summary:   Adam has always loved Christmas and this year is no different. While shocked at the things happening in his life, he can’t believe all his dreams are coming true. When celebrating the holidays, Adam believes go big! He proves to J.J. that Christmas really is the most important time of the year.

J.J. is finally dealing with his past as he prepares for all the changes that are happening: amazing changes. At last he has his Home Sweet Home and the best family anyone could ever ask for.

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A Christmas memory by Max VosTitle: Christmas Memories
Series: Memories Book 1
Author: Max Vos
Publisher: Max Vos, Inc.
Publication Date: November 13, 2013

Blurb: J.J. has always hated the holidays. Presents, decorations, the traditional family Christmas…It’s all his colleagues in the staffroom can talk about. J.J. avoids these conversations like the plague. He’d do anything to keep his co-workers from seeing the real J.J, the gay man who doesn’t want to be noticed. When he slips up and reveals that he is all alone with no plans for Christmas, the well-meaning ladies of his high school want to take him in for the holidays.
Oh hell….
Enter Coach Adam Sutton who comes to his rescue—and now J.J. is trapped by this hulk of a man who won’t take no for an answer. And he would have to be someone J.J finds attractive, wouldn’t he? Too bad he’s straight and J.J’s not about to step out of the shadows and make a move on him. He likes his arms where they are, thank you very much.
But Adam has a secret, one which is going to turn J.J’s world upside-down. Adam wants to give J.J. a Christmas to remember, but as it turns out, both men’s lives are never going to be the same again…
A Christmas Memory 2 by Max VosTitle: A Christmas Memory 2
Series: Memories Book 2
Author: Max Vos
Publisher: Max Vos, Inc.
Publication Date:  January 14, 2015

Blurb:  It’s been a year since coach Adam Sutton changed JJ’s life with a Christmas proposal. Now happily married, the two men are dealing with everything life is throwing at them – new family members, homophobia and prejudice, not to mention an unexpected offer that is about to change both their lives – forever.

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Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Silvia Violet

Silvia Violet





perfectalignment_web400x600-200x300Title: Perfect Alignment (Book #3)
Series:  Thorne  and Dash
Author:  Silvia Violet
Publisher:  Silvia Violet Books
Publication date:  November 14, 2015
Cover artist:  LC Chase
Genre:  M/M  Contemporary with a holiday component
Length:  novel
Characters:  Thorne, a wealthy businessman, and Dash/Riley, a former rent boy who now owns a bakery
Summary:  Thorne proposed to Riley. Riley accepted. Thorne thought that was that. They’d take a nice trip, get married, and spend a week luxuriating in a five-star hotel with occasional excursions to fabulous restaurants. Riley imagined a traditional wedding with all the trappings. With all their friends and family. At Christmas. Thorne concedes reluctantly, and a flurry of wedding planning ensues. At the same time, Thorne is wrestling with a recalcitrant client, and Riley and his business partner, Susan, are consumed with renovations and planning for the opening of their bakery. Stress on top of stress makes both Riley and Thorne doubt their relationship, and a major misunderstanding nearly silences the wedding bells. By the time they reach their happily ever after, they’re both going to deserve all the romance they’ve been dreaming of.

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Needing a Little Christmas by Silvia VioletNeeding a Little Christmas
Author: Silvia Violet
Publisher:  Silvia Violet Books
Publication date: December 01, 2013

Blurb: Discovering his boyfriend’s affair with a co-worker wrecks Eli’s holiday plans. With his parents on a cruise and his brother and sister out of town, he’s on his own. His mother insists he escape to her friend’s mountain cabin. Eli reluctantly agrees, but he takes off unprepared and ends up driving into the worst snowstorm the area has seen in years.

He survives the trip, but he’s stuck with no logs for the woodstove and little food. Fortunately, he gets the number for Mac’s Wood Delivery. Mac doesn’t mind riding to the rescue, and his deep, sultry voice has Eli eagerly anticipating the delivery. Is Mac the little bit of Christmas cheer Eli has been needing?

This book was previously released by another publisher.

One Kiss by Silvia VioletOne Kiss
Author: Silvia Violet
Publisher: Silvia Violet Books
Publication date: December 13, 2013

Blurb:  Jake Sanders comes home for Christmas after a dreary semester filled with sleepless nights and a cheating boyfriend. Finding a new man is the last thing on his mind until he discovers that Ben Swinburne now owns the bakery where they both once worked.

Five years ago, Jake and Ben shared a single kiss, and Jake has never forgotten the way Ben’s lips felt against his. When Ben catches Jake under the mistletoe, passion ignites between them.

This time around, Ben wants more than one kiss, but Jake isn’t sure he’s ready for another relationship. He must find the strength to move past his pain and open his heart, or will he miss out on a second chance with the man of his dreams.

This title has been previously released by another publisher.

Holly Jolly by Silvia VioletHolly Jolly – Silvia Violet

From the Chestnuts Roasting Anthology
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Publication Date: November 27, 2014


I’m not gay. I just notice men sometimes. Everybody does, right? I notice Dane a lot, like every time I’m near him, but just because I think he’s an attractive man that doesn’t mean I like him, does it?

I’m also not a fan of Christmas. Too many years “celebrating” with my Bible-thumping family ruined the holiday for me. So what if I envy all these cheerful souls dashing about with smiles on their faces? I don’t have to like Christmas, do I? If anyone could get me in the Christmas spirit, it would be Dane with his easy, relaxed manner and his gorgeous smile. If that were going to happen, though, I’d have to find the courage to talk to him and to admit that maybe I don’t know myself all that well after all.

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