Holiday Spotlight 2016 – Jamie Fessenden

Jamie Fessenden






acopforchristmas-1000x1500Title: A Cop for Christmas
Series:  n/a
Author:  Jamie Fessenden
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Publication date:  11/19/2016
Cover artist:  Reese Dante
Genre: MM Romance, Holiday
Length: Novella
Characters:  Mason Collier, Steve Coleman
Summary:  Mason Collier isn’t big on authority figures. When Office Steve Coleman pulls him over and gives him a speeding ticket, he doesn’t react well. He’s even less happy when he discovers the cop lives next door to his parents’ house. No matter where they turn this holiday season, Steve and Mason keep running into each other, and whenever they talk for more than a minute, they piss each other off. But from wayward dogs to Christmas tree hunts to maple syrup festivals, it proves impossible to avoid each other in the small town. If Mason can see the good man behind the badge, he might just get a cop for Christmas.

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The Christmas Wager by Jamie Fessenden

Title:  The Christmas Wager
Author: Jamie Fessenden
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date: December 20, 2010




Won One Perfect Note (Overall Honorable Mention) in the 2011 Rainbow Awards.

To discharge a debt to his friend, Andrew Nash, Lord Thomas Barrington returns to the family estate he fled six years earlier after refusing to marry the woman his father had chosen. To Thomas’s dismay, Barrington Hall is no longer the joyful home he remembers from his childhood, and his young niece has no idea what Christmas is. Determined to bring Christmas back to the gloomy estate, Thomas must confront his tyrannical father, salvage a brother lost in his own misery, and attempt to fight off his father’s machinations. As the holidays near, Thomas and Andrew begin to realize they are more than merely close friends… and those feelings are not only a threat to their social positions but, in Victorian England, to their lives as well.

The Healing Power of Eggnog by Jamie FessendenTitle: The Healing power of Eggnog
Author: Jamie Fessenden
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date: November 30, 2013


Blurb:  Will Sutherland hasn’t been home to see his parents in four years—not since they reacted badly when he came out. This Christmas, he’s finally worked up the courage to go home, where he’s surprised to find they’ve taken in a boarder. Ryan Bennett is just a couple years younger than Will, cute, sweet… and openly gay.

As Will deals with his jealousy of the man who’s been receiving the love and acceptance he was denied, Ryan finds himself falling for Will’s brooding good looks. But Ryan also suspects the Sutherlands may be using him as a pawn in their long-standing conflict with their son. Will this Christmas finally tear the family apart, or is there a chance they can put their hurt and anger behind them?

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar package “Heartwarming”.

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