Books and Reviews – August 29, 2016

Good morning!
I hope everyone had a great week last week and a relaxing weekend.  Read or listen to any great books?  Let me know in the comments.

I managed to listen to two books this week,  Under the Rushes by Amy Lane, narrated by Nick J Russo and Breakaway (Scoring Chances Book 1) by Avon Gale, narrated by Scott R. Smith.

Under the Rushes by Amy Lane audiobook coverAuthor: Amy Lane
Narrator: Nick J. Russo
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press, LLC
Publication date:  August 26, 2015
Format: audiobook
Length: 11 hrs 52 minutes
Genre: MM, steampunk, fantasy
Summary: Ten years after Dorjan trusted a boy’s word over his superior officer’s, he and his best friend, Areau, are still living the aftermath—and trying to stop the man responsible. Locked in a careful dance to bring down a corrupt government, Dorjan struggles to balance his grief with Areau’s anger. Just when Dorjan reaches the end of his rope, he sees a familiar face in the shadows, and the boy he trusted a decade before offers him unexpected kindness.

Taern remembers the soldier who found him under the rushes and listened to his pleas to save his family. When Dorjan reappears in his life, Taern is both captured by his commitment to justice and terrified by the risks he takes. All Taern wants to do is fix him, but the oncoming destruction has been ten years in the making, and Dorjan doesn’t want his help. Not if it puts Taern at risk.

Powers clash and a world’s fate dangles between Areau’s madness and Dorjan’s nobility. While Dorjan fights to save the world, Taern joins the battle simply to save Dorjan, knowing everything hinges on the heart of a man in armor and the strength of the man who loves him.

LYLBTB 50 starDreamspinnerPress      amazonBuyButton

Thoughts:   I have read and now listened to this book.  It is  MM, fantasy, with steam punk elements.  It is dark and intense and lovely.  I loved it when I read it, and  I enjoyed the narration by Nick J Russo very much. 

Here is a wonderful review for Under the Rushes by Kaje Harper on Goodreads.

Up next:

Breakaway Scoring Chances book 1 by Avon Gale narrated by Scott R SmithAuthor: Avon Gale
Narrator: Scott R. Smith
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Publication date:  August 09, 2016
Format: Audiobook
Length:  7 hrs 33 minutes
Genre: MM, Contemporary, Sports – hockey
Summary:  Drafted to play for the Jacksonville Sea Storm, an NHL affiliate, twenty-year-old Lane Courtnall’s future looks bright, apart from the awkwardness he feels as a gay man playing on a minor league hockey team. He’s put his foot in his mouth a few times and alienated his teammates. Then, during a rivalry game, Lane throws off his gloves against Jared Shore, enforcer for the Savannah Renegades. It’s a strange way to begin a relationship.

Jared’s been playing minor league hockey for most of his career. He’s bisexual and doesn’t care if anyone knows. But he’s determined to avoid another love affair after the last one left him devastated. Out of nowhere a one-nighter with rookie Lane Courtnall gives him second thoughts. Lane reminds Jared why he loves the game and why love might be worth the risk. In turn, Jared hopes to show Lane how to be comfortable with himself on and off the ice. But they’re at different points in their careers, and both men will have to decide what they value most.

4,5 stars amazonBuyButton DreamspinnerPress


This is another book recommended by my good friend and enabler extraordinaire, Janice. I know pretty much nothing about hockey. She said it doesn’t matter. It is a fun book. Again, she was right. I listened to the audiobook and there is a primer on hockey at the beginning. It took me a while to get into the sports part but the characters and story made it easy. I loved Lane. Such a sweet, honest and somewhat clueless guy. Especially when feelings are involved. Jared and Lane are a great couple and I enjoyed learning about hockey from their points of view, as well as watching their relationship develop. The secondary characters are fun and I am excited that the next book is Riley’s. (I am sad that the audiobook isn’t out yet – soon I hope)
I finished the book having found a new author and a new series to enjoy and a new appreciation of hockey and Canadians. 🙂

Here is a great review for Breakaway by Jules from The Novel Approach Reviews

I hope you have a fantastic week and read (or listen to) some amazing books. 

Grab a cup of your favorite brew and enjoy.

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