Dianne’s Throwback Thursday – Book Style

Hello fellow readers! I’ve been reflecting on the fact that so many of my favorite books are actually series. I love long stories, so complex story arcs which develop over a lengthy period of time are my cup of tea. Lou Sylvre’s captivating Vasquez & James series fits that bill perfectly.

Dreamspinner Vasquez and James seriesSonny James is an artist. He’s laid back, and prefers the solitude of his Pacific Northwest weaving studio to any other location. When ex-ATF/security agent Luki Vasquez shows up with his bad ass attitude and emotional baggage, Sonny’s world changes forever. The spark of attraction between them is supernova bright.

The author writes with a unique style, beautifully combining the depths and nuances of each man’s personality with the evocative story settings, heart pumping action scenes, and gut wrenching situations. Sonny’s home and the surrounding region are as much a character as the men are – I love how it’s an intrinsic part of Sonny’s being, and how it comes to mean the same to Luki. Both men have rich cultural heritage – Sonny’s Native American one in particular – and this plays a big part as well. There is action and suspense galore in this series. As Luki’s world of crime fighting leaches its way into the men’s tentative relationship, we get to see how they work together when the chips are down.

With all the action and mystery in this series it is still a profoundly character driven one. Sonny and Luki both have demons in their pasts – and their present – that are confronted individually and as a couple. The love they develop and harbor for each other is one of my favorite romances in MM. This series does get gritty, be ready for some heartbreaking moments, some frustrating moments, and some screaming at the characters moments. It’s all oh so worth it.

Loving Luki Vasquez Book 1 Vasquez and james series by Lou SylvreI identify so much with this review by Mary, written about the first book in the series  – Loving Luki Vasquez.  She really captures the overall flavor and vibe of the story, and indeed the series.

Mary’s Goodreads review

My review for Saving Sonny James, book four in the series, is here: goodreads books logo

  Saving Sonny James Book 4 Vasquez and James novel Lou Sylvre



All seven stories are avalable as a bundle for $9.99 at DreamspinnerPress  and Amazon US

Enjoy! ~ Dianne

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