Dianne’s Throwback Thursday – Book Style


Dianne TBTBS covers week 7 Julie Bozza

We’re back with more Throwback Thursday, Book Style!

This week, I’m happy to feature the lovely and talented Julie Bozza.  I had the pleasure of meeting Julie in Chicago during Gay Rom Lit in 2014. She was gracious, unassuming, and more than happy to talk books. If you are looking for transcendent, riveting, gorgeous writing –Julie Bozza is your ticket.

The Definitive Albert J Sterne by Julie Bozza coverI consider her Definitive Albert J. Sterne to be a cornerstone book in my library.  The main characters are as deep as dark rivers, the law enforcement procedural is fascinating, the crime aspect takes haunting turns and the romance is etched out in painstaking and unconventional terms. Don’t let the 1970-80s setting or the 628 page length daunt you, dive in and savor this remarkable and unforgettable reading experience.
Albert Sterne, forensics expert with the FBI, is so obnoxious on the surface that no-one bothers digging deeper. When he’s sent to Colorado to investigate what turns out to be the work of a serial killer he encounters Special Agent Fletcher Ash and they end up reluctantly joining forces to unravel the case. It’s only a matter of duty, though; it can’t be more, because Albert doesn’t do friendship – and he certainly doesn’t do love!


I’m embarrassed to say, despite my love for this book, I’ve never written a comprehensive review. This one by Lady M parallels my thoughts well. The book now comes with the wonderful companion piece – Future Bright, Past Imperfect.

Also by Julie Bozza, is her shining, romantic Butterfly Hunter.

Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza (Book 1) coverRather the opposite in scope from The Definitive Albert J. Sterne, this series shines a spotlight on love in many forms.


It started as a simple assignment for Aussie bush guide Dave Taylor – escort a lone Englishman in quest of an unknown species of butterfly.

However Nicholas Goring is no ordinary tourist, his search is far from straightforward, and it’s starting to look as if the butterflies don’t want to be found.

As Dave teaches Nicholas everything he needs to survive in the Outback he discovers that he too has quite a bit to learn – and that very often the best way to locate something really important is just not to want to find it…


My (very succinct!)  heartfelt reviews for the first two books in the series are here:

Dianne’s Review of Butterfly Hunter

Dianne’s Review of Of Dreams and Ceremonies

Here is a link to the Goodreads page for the series








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