Dianne’s Throwback Thursday – Book Style

On A Lee Shore and Standish covers

Hi everyone!  Glad to be here once again with some recommendations for awesome books from years gone by.  Speaking of years gone by… this week I’ve got two historical novels for you.
The first is by Elin Gregory, the second features her review of a fellow authors’ work.

On a Lee shore by Elin GregoryOn A Lee Shore by Elin Gregory.
Published: December 12th, 2012
Publisher:  Etopia Press

Wow, what a read!  Pirate politics, epic sea battles and sexual tension kept me turning pages by the hour.

“Give me a reason to let you live…”

Beached after losing his ship and crew, and with England finally at peace, Lt Christopher Penrose will take whatever work he can get. A valet? Why not? Escorting an elderly diplomat to the Leeward Islands seems like an easy job, but when their ship is boarded by pirates, Kit’s world is turned upside down. Forced aboard the pirate ship, Kit finds himself juggling his honor with his desire to stay alive among the crew, not to mention the alarming—yet enticing—captain, known as La Griffe.

Kit has always obeyed the rules, but as the pirates plunder their way across the Caribbean, he finds much to admire in their freedom. He deplores their lawlessness but is drawn to their way of life, and begins to think he might just have found a purpose. Dare he dream of finding love too? Or would loving a pirate take him too far down the road to ruin?


My review is here: Goodreads


Standish by Erastes Amazon coverStandish by Erastes.
Published February 06, 2013
Publisher: Lethe Press (February 6, 2013)
Unconventional, featuring characters who are not necessarily loveable, yet are unforgettable. I believe I threw this book (pre-Kindle days mind you) across the room before picking it up, finishing it, and re-reading the final page several times.


A great house. A family dispossessed. A sensitive young man. A powerful landowner. An epic love that springs up between two men. Set in the post-Napoleonic years of the 1820’s, Standish is a tale of two men – one man discovering his sexuality and the other struggling to overcome his traumatic past. Ambrose Standish, a studious and fragile young man, has dreams of regaining the great house his grandfather lost in a card game. When Rafe Goshawk returns from the continent to claim the estate, their meeting sets them on a path of desire and betrayal which threatens to tear both of their worlds apart. Painting a picture of homosexuality in Georgian England, Standish is a love story of how the decisions of two men affect their journey through Europe and through life.

Amazon buy

Click here for:
Elin Gregory’s review of Standish 


Enjoy!  😀

~ Dianne



Books and Reviews – June 27, 2016

Good morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend and had time to read or listen to some wonderful books.


This week my reading and listening overlap.  I am in the middle of a PsyCop series marathon.  PsyCop is a fun, sexy, fast paced series by Jordan Castillo Price.   I have had many friends recommend it and I am glad I (finally)  listened to them.  Thank you!

I am on audiobook #5, Camp Hell.  The series starts out with Among the Living and it is about three hours long.  The books gradually get longer with Camp Hell (Book 5) coming in at 10 hours and 55 minutes.  They are addictive.

There are several Short stories in the series too and four are free on Jordan Castillo Price’s website.  These include Inside Out PsyCop 0.1  Thaw PsyCop 1.1 (I listened to the audio),  Mindreader PsyCop 2.3, and Stroke of Midnight PsyCop 3.1.

I managed to read  Striking Sparks PsyCop 2.1  too.  (A must for any PsyCop / Crash fan.)

I love the cover – Very Crash. 😉


Andrew’s life is spinning out of control, and he’s desperate for some guidance. He’s heard there’s a palm reader in Wicker Park who’s the real deal: a certified, honest-to-God psychic. He’s confident that she’ll tell him exactly what he needs to hear. Too bad he didn’t account for how long it would take him to find parking.

The psychic’s gone, but one of the other shopkeepers in the building has a sympathetic ear. He’s pretty easy on the eyes, too. Striking Sparks is set in the PsyCop storyverse, but it stands alone. Newcomers can hop right in and try it. Veteran PsyCop fans will be treated a nice, long look at Crash.




JCP has a  PsyCop site , and she lists the reading order.  Click on the titles to go to her site and find out more about this great series.

Reading Order


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Dianne’s Throwback Thursday, Book Style.

I would like to welcome my friend Dianne to Books, Coffee and Captured Moments.  I am so excited to have her here.  She always has great book recommendations and I have found some wonderful new to me books in her Throwback Thursday post.   Dianne also reviews for the blog  It’s About The Book.  You can find her reviews here: Dianne.

Now, over to Dianne. 🙂

A big hello to fellow readers and coffee lovers! Earlier this year, I noticed that several new MM reader based groups were popping up on Facebook. This made me happy! As I watched the interaction on these pages, I realized many of the readers were new to the genre, and seemed to be missing out on great books from years past. With a desire to bring said books to more eyes, I started ‘Throwback Thursday, Book Style’ on my Facebook page, featuring two books each week, including reviews.  I have been sharing these posts on several group pages, and am thrilled to now be sharing them here at Books, Coffee and Captured Moments. In the case of books that I have not personally reviewed, I have linked to reviews that capture my sentiments about the book. Whether you are new to MM, or are a long time fan, we hope you enjoy exploring these gems!

~ Happy reading!


First up: Untamed Heart by Ally Blue. This action packed, espionage type thriller features a pair of damaged main characters who turn out to be the best thing to happen to one another. A great set of plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat, and possibly screaming at my Kindle!  😀

Untamed Heart by Ally BlueTitle: Untamed Heart
Author: Ally Blue
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication date: December 01, 2008


Revenge can’t heal a wounded soul.When Leon Fisher finds his lover butchered in their bed, he does what any good assassin would do—he gets revenge. But killing the murderer doesn’t make the pain go away. Instead, it sends him on a vicious downward spiral into alcoholism and depression.

In a bid to force Leon to sober up and regain his edge, his mysterious employers—known only as “the organization”—send him to a private property in the wilds of Alaska. In the lush and remote Tongass National Forest, Leon encounters Grim, a strange but alluring young man who saves Leon’s life after a bear attack, then brings him to a cabin in the depths of the woods to recover.

Leon doesn’t expect to fall in love with this odd, subservient person, yet he can’t deny what he comes to feel for Grim. But Grim has a past he doesn’t talk about. A past just as dark and ugly as Leon’s. And both pasts are about to catch up with them.

I tapped Shira Anthony’s review to represent this one. *Don’t be worried about reading her “spoiler alert” section.  😉

Shira Anthony’s Goodreads review

Next up: Highfell Grimoires by Langley Hyde. This unique Steampunk/Fantasy is fast paced, fun, and full of surprises. The author has created a world of remarkable depth and a romance that overcomes the odds. Hang on for a wild and dangerous ride with Leofa and Neil.  J

Highfell Grimoires by Langley HydeTitle: Highfell Grimoires
Author: Langley Hyde
Publisher: Blind Eye Books
Publication date:  May 20, 2014
Blurb: Born to privilege, gifted in languages and spells, Neil Franklin has planned his brilliant future—from academic accolades to a proper marriage—and is intent upon upholding his family name and honor. The sudden death of his parents shatters all of that, leaving Neil and his younger sister beggared and orphaned.

When Neil’s estranged uncle offers him a bargain that will save him and his sister from debtor’s prison or exile, Neil eagerly agrees. Handing over the family grimoire as collateral for their debt, Neil devotes himself to working as a teacher for wayward youths at a charity school high in the clouds.

But Highfell Hall is not the charity Neil imagines it to be and the young men there aren’t training for the dull lives of city clerks. Amidst the roaring engines and within the icy stone halls, machinations and curious devices are at work. And one man, the rough and enigmatic Leofa, holds the key to the desire that Neil has fled from all his life and a magic as dangerous as treason.

Whit’s review mirrors my thoughts on this one.

Whit’s Review for Live Your Life Buy The Book on Goodreads

*The author has a free coda available here: http://www.langleyhyde.com/holiday-coda-a-present-conspiracy/







Books and Reviews – June 20, 2016

Good morning!

This week I read two books that I enjoyed very much.  The first one is by one of my favorite authors, Kim Fielding.  It is her latest release Love Can’t Conquer (Love Can’t series #1)

Love Can't Conquer Kim FieldingTitle: Love Can’t Conquer
Series:  Love Can’t series #1
Author: Kim Fielding
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Publication date:  June 3, 2016
4,5 stars
Blurb:  Bullied as a child in small-town Kansas, Jeremy Cox ultimately escaped to Portland, Oregon. Now in his forties, he’s an urban park ranger who does his best to rescue runaways and other street people. His ex-boyfriend, Donny—lost to drinking and drugs six years earlier—appears on his doorstep and inadvertently drags Jeremy into danger. As if dealing with Donny’s issues doesn’t cause enough turmoil, Jeremy meets a fascinating but enigmatic man who carries more than his fair share of problems.

Qayin Hill has almost nothing but skeletons in his closet and demons in his head. A former addict who struggles with anxiety and depression, Qay doesn’t know which of his secrets to reveal to Jeremy—or how to react when Jeremy wants to save him from himself.

Despite the pasts that continue to haunt them, Jeremy and Qay find passion, friendship, and a tentative hope for the future. Now they need to decide whether love is truly a powerful thing or if, despite the old adage, love can’t conquer all.


Thoughts:  This is another beautiful contemporary romance from Kim Fielding.  I loved the main characters.  Two men with painful pasts, both men have dealt with their experiences in different ways.  They are flawed and trying to over come their pasts.   At times Jeremy seems too perfect, but it fits.  Given his choice of careers as a police officer, then chief park ranger, it is in his nature to help people.  Qay’s life choices are definitely colored by what was done to him as a child and young man and he did not fair as well as Jeremy.  Watching their relationship unfold is both beautiful and painful.  I was enchanted by some of the secondary characters, especially Rhoda, the coffee shop owner.

I found many wonderful reviews for this book and decided on this one.  Dani is one of my favorite reviewers and this is a great review of this wonderful book. Enjoy:  ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~’s Reviews 


The next book I read was a spontaneous buy based on a wonderful review which I will include after the blurb.  The book is by Marie Sexton, another of my favorite authors.

Damned If You Do by Marie SextonTitle: Damned If you Do
Author:  Marie Sexton
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Publication date:  June 14, 2016
4,5 stars
Blurb:  The path to temptation is paved with a hellish amount of paperwork.

Soul acquisition is a drag, but if Abaddon doesn’t catch up on his quota, he could be demoted to scooping poop for the Hounds of Hell. With a deadline hanging over him, he heads for the Bible Belt, looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and challenge.

Seth is a blind musician, part of a traveling tent revival. He’s cute, mystically talented, and quotes the Bible at every turn. His soul is pure enough to fill Abaddon’s quota for months to come, and Abaddon is determined to claim it.

The problem? There’s the revival foreman who watches Abaddon’s every move. Then there’s the mystery of Seth’s many unusual talents. Lastly, there’s Abaddon himself. He’s beginning to like Seth a bit too much. Maybe Seth deserves something better than damnation.

But Hell’s agenda isn’t negotiable, and time is running out. If Abaddon doesn’t play his cards right, he could condemn both of them to the worst fate of all—an eternity apart.

Warning: Contains a Bible-quoting twink and an irreverent devil who’ll do anything to avoid going “back to the office”. Also, snakes. Lots and lots of snakes.

amazonBuyButtonSamhain Logo

Thoughts:  4.5/5.0
This book was an impulse buy after reading Lisa’s review at The Novel Approach Reviews. When I saw that it had a lot of religious references, I was hesitant, but when she mentioned that she loved a good Faustian Tale. I was hooked.
This is a bit of a different take on the theme and as the story unfolded, I was completely invested in Seth and Abaddon getting their HEA.
It is a short read and one I did not want to put down. There are so many little things about the story I would love to mention, but… spoilers. It was fun, quick and enjoyable (even with all of the snakes).
Happy with the impulse buy. Thanks, Lisa.

To read Lisa’s awesome review click here:   Lisa’s review of Damned If you Do by Marie Sexton at The Novel Approach Reviews

On the Audio front, I have many queued up, but I found that I was in the mood for some PsyCop by Jordan Castillo Price.  I have listened to the first book,  Among The Living PsyCop Book 1, but I am planning a PsyCop marathon, so I am listening to it again. 🙂

Among the Living PsyCop Book 1 by JCP audioookTitle: Among The Living
Series: PsyCop book 1
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Narrator: Gomez Pugh
Audio length: 2 hours and 59 minutes
Publisher: JCP Books, LLC
Publication date: 08-08-2014
4,5 stars
Blurb:  Victor Bayne, the psychic half a PsyCop team, is a gay medium who’s more concerned with flying under the radar than in making waves.

He hooks up with handsome Jacob Marks, a non-psychic (or “Stiff”) from an adjacent precinct at his ex-partner’s retirement party, and it seems like his dubious luck has taken a turn for the better. But then a serial killer surfaces who can change his appearance to match any witness’ idea of the world’s hottest guy.

Solving murders is a snap when you can ask the victims whodunit, but this killer’s not leaving any spirits behind.

Warning: This audiobook contains explicit adult content.

audible an Amazon company



I chose Psycop because it is one of the series that came highly recommended. It is a police/mystery and I wasn’t so sure I would like it. Wrong again. I loved it. Victor is paranormal. The psychic half of a Psycop team, but his partner is retiring, and this is where we meet Victor. Trying to get through the retirement party, taking drugs to keep the ghosts away. Not having his best evening. Then he finds himself up close and personal with Jacob Marks, a sexy non-physic investigator very interested in Victor. After this steamy start to the story, it continues at a fast pace when Victor gets called away from the party to investigate a murder. Then to complicate matters, he is assigned a new inexperienced partner and he ends up having to work the case with Jacob Marks. To make things even worse, Victor is not able to sense the victims ghost, which is definitely not normal for him.

This is a fairly short story but it packed with a lot of action. Fast paced, multilayered and it has some great humor. I so enjoyed the killer and who Victor saw him as. The new partner story line is intriguing and I really liked this character.

I listened to this instead of reading it first which I find myself doing more often lately and I really enjoyed the narration by Gomez Pugh. That said, I plan on buying the series and reading them first, then going back and listening to them. I get the feeling this will be a re-read series and giving them a listen after reading them first will just add to the experience.

To find out more about the series click below:

PsyCop Series Goodreads page


The first three blogs listed below detail what they have on tap for us for the coming week.   The blogs that follow,  are ones that I check periodically throughout the week.  They all have wonderful articles, news, reviews and giveaways.  Whatever your taste in books, you will find among these blogs.


Happy Reading


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Books and Reviews – June 13, 2016

Good morning!

This week I listened to a new historical mm romance series.  This one was recommended by my dear enabling friend Janice, who I adore even though she keeps my tbr and tblt list filled to the brim.  xx

The book is Lessons in Love  – Book #1 (A Cambridge Fellows Mystery) by Charlie Cochrane.

Lessons in Love Book 1 A Cambridge Fellows Mystery by Charlie CochraneAuthor: Charlie Cochrane
Narrator: Phil Mayes
Length: 5 hours and 39 minutes
Audible release date: January 18, 2016
Publisher: Charlie Cochrane



He didn’t think he had a heart. Until he lost it.
St. Bride’s College, Cambridge, England, 1905.
Jonty Stewart is handsome and outgoing, with blood as blue as his eyes. When he takes up a teaching post at the college where he studied, his dynamic style acts as an agent for change within the archaic institution. He also has a catalytic effect on Orlando Coppersmith.
Orlando is a brilliant, introverted mathematician with very little experience of life outside the university walls. He strikes up an alliance with Jonty and soon finds himself heart-deep in feelings he’s never experienced. Before long their friendship blossoms into more than either man had hoped.
Then a student is murdered within St. Bride’s. Then another…and another. All the victims have one thing in common: a penchant for men. Asked by the police to serve as their eyes and ears within the college, Jonty and Orlando risk exposing a love affair that could make them the killer’s next target.

This was a lovely historical mystery set in Cambridge, England, 1905 at St Bride’s College.  I loved the academic setting and the formality of the speech between the characters.  Jonty and Orlando are an unlikely pair and it is sweet to watch their romance unfold even though it is during a series of homophobic murders.

The story deals with some abuse but overall it is low angst and no explicit sex.  It is sweet, entertaining and the mystery was well done and engaging.
The narration by Phil Mayes was fun and captured what I thought would be the very formal speech of the time period.  I especially enjoyed Orlando’s voice.


This is a twelve book series and I know I will be starting the next book soon.
You can find out more about the series here: (click graphic to go to Amazon page):
Cambridge Fellows Mysteries set amazon


(Click red link to go to Goodreads series page)

If the men of St. Bride’s College knew what Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith got up to behind closed doors, the scandal would rock early-20th-century Cambridge to its core. But the truth is, when they’re not busy teaching literature and mathematics, the most daring thing about them isn’t their love for each other—it’s their hobby of amateur sleuthing.

Because wherever Jonty and Orlando go, trouble seems to find them. Sunny, genial Jonty and prickly, taciturn Orlando may seem like opposites. But their balance serves them well as they sift through clues to crimes, and sort through their own emotions to grow closer. But at the end of the day, they always find the truth . . . and their way home together.

 I also read the second book in a series of anthologies titled Gothika.  The first book is Stitch and the second one is Bones.  There are two more in the series, Claw and Spirit, that I plan on reading over the summer.
Bones Gothika 2Authors: Kim Fielding, Eli Easton, Jamie Fessenden and BG Thomas
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publication date:  October 19, 2015







Vodou. Obeah. Santeria. These religions seem mysterious and dark to the uninitiated, but the truth is often very different. Still, while they hold the potential for great power, they can be dangerous to those who don’t take appropriate precautions. Interfering with the spirits is best left to those who know what they’re doing, for when the proper respect isn’t shown, trouble can follow. In these four novellas, steamy nights of possession and exotic ritual will trigger forbidden passion and love. You cannot hide your desires from the loa, or from the maddening spell of the drums. Four acclaimed m/m authors imagine homoerotic love under the spell of Voodoo.

The Dance by Kim Fielding
The Bird by Eli Easton
The Book of St. Cyprian by Jamie Fessenden
Uninvited by B.G. Thomas

I am a big fan of Kim Fielding’s and Eli Easton’s writing, and I love their stories in this series.   I have also enjoyed the stories in this series by Jamie Fessenden, who is a fairly new to me.    I love BG Thomas’s series Season’s of Love series and The Boy Who came in From the Cold, but the story Uninvited was not for me.


The first book in the series, Stitch is another great anthology and again I enjoyed the stories by Eli Easton, Kim Fielding and Jamie Fessenden very much.

Stitch Gothika #1Author: Kim Fielding, Jamie Fessenden, Eli Easton, Sue Brown
PublisherDreamspinner Press
Publication date: April 20, 2014
4,5 stars


Stitch is an anthology of 4 novellas by m/m romance authors, each with a Frankenstein/Creature theme. It is the first in a series of gothic m/m romance anthologies called gothika.

The stories in this volume are:

Made For Aaron by Sue Brown
As a teenager, Aaron Fox was sent to an asylum by his parents because he was gay, leaving him emotionally fragile after the treatment. However it gave him Damon Fox, the nurse he later married. For over twenty years, Damon’s devotion and strength has never faltered. When Damon is killed in a car accident, Aaron’s devastation soon gives way to confusion when he is shown Damon walking away from the hospital. Despite a desperate search, Damon isn’t seen again, and if Aaron can’t live with Damon, he may not want to live at all. But forces beyond Aaron’s understanding work behind the scenes, and if he can find the courage to unveil the secrets, he might get a second chance at happiness.

Watchworks by Jamie Fessenden
Harland Wallace made his name as one of the premiere watchmakers in Victorian London, so he isn’t surprised when a handsome young gentleman named Luke Prescott comes to his townhouse to hire him for a repair job. He is apprehensive when he discovers it is not a watch Mr. Prescott wants repaired, but a complex prosthesis he has in place of a hand.

As further repairs are needed, Harland begins to wonder how much of Mr. Prescott is real and how much is mechanical, but he cannot deny the growing attraction he feels toward him. When he learns Prescott’s household servants pose a threat to the man they see as a monster, Harland must choose between what his culture tells him is wrong and what his heart tells him is right.

The Golem of Mala Lubovnya by Kim Fielding
In a small, 17th-century Eastern European town, a rabbi creates a man of clay—a golem—to protect the Jewish people from the threat of pogrom. Awaiting a call to duty, the golem spends a long time confined to an attic, lonely and sad. His only joys are watching the stonemason at work across the street and listening to a lovely voice singing prayers.

When the golem meets the mason, Jakob, the two become friends, and Jakob names the golem Emet. But devout Jakob struggles with his attraction to Emet, and Emet dreads being used as an instrument for violence. Though Emet’s name means truth, honest love between a faithful man and a golem will only survive if they risk everything for a miracle.

Reparation by Eli Easton
On the harsh planet of Kalan, weakness is not tolerated. When young spore farmer Edward suffers an carriage accident that kills his mail-order bride and his factory manager, Edward has little chance of survival, until Knox—an enormous “reconstitute” labor slave—plucks him from disaster.

Recons are part machine, part human remains from executed Federation prisoners. But Knox is different from other recons. He can read and has flashes of brilliance. With no one else to rely on over the bleak winter, Edward forms an alliance with Knox, and against social taboos, they become friends. Edward struggles against his growing lust for the large humanoid, and while Knox thrives in his new life, memories of his past torment him.

A twist of fate brought Knox and Edward together, but there will be a price to pay in blood when they learn how deeply their lives truly intersect.



Finn and library


Books and Reviews – Audio Obsession June 06, 2016

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

This week I listened to Waiting For The Flood by Alexis Hall.

Waiting for the Flood audiobook cover by Alexis HallWaiting For The Flood
Author: Alexis Hall
Narrator: Alexander Doddy
Length: 2 hours 51 minutes.
Published: Audiobook, May 23, 2016
Publisher: Riptide Publishing




People come as well as go.

Twelve years ago, Edwin Tully came to Oxford and fell in love with a boy named Marius. He was brilliant. An artist. It was going to be forever.

Two years ago, it ended.

Now Edwin lives alone in the house they used to share. He tends to damaged books and faded memories, trying to build a future from the fragments of the past.

Then the weather turns, and the river spills into Edwin’s quiet world, bringing with it Adam Dacre from the Environment Agency. An unlikely knight, this stranger with roughened hands and worn wellingtons, but he offers Edwin the hope of something he thought he would never have again.

As the two men grow closer in their struggle against the rising waters, Edwin learns he can’t protect himself from everything – and sometimes he doesn’t need to try.


I read the book in February of this year and when I found out it was available on audiobook I had to get it.  This is a beautifully written book. There were moments I stopped just to savor the words. Lyrical, touching, humorous. A definite re-read.  The narrator, Alexander Doddy,  is perfect for this story. He portrays Edwin’s love of words beautifully. This is a fairly short piece with a small cast of characters but the author takes this snippet in time and creates a beautiful story that gives us the characters history as well as a hope for the future.  The narrator brought the characters to life in a way that added another layer of enjoyment to the story.  I was enchanted. Definitely one I will listen to again.

I also listened to the last book in The Society Of Gentlemen series by KJ Charles.

A Gentleman's Position by KJ Chalres audibook coverA Gentleman’s Position (Book three in  Society of Gentlemen series)
Author: KJ Charles
Publisher: Audible Studios
Published: April 28, 2016
Length: 8 hours, 1 minute
Power, privilege, and the rigid rules of class leave two hearts yearning for connection in the sizzling new Society of Gentlemen novel from K. J. Charles.Among his eccentric though strictly principled group of friends, Lord Richard Vane is the confidant on whom everyone depends for advice, moral rectitude, and discreet assistance. Yet when Richard has a problem, he turns to his valet, a fixer of unparalleled genius – and the object of Richard’s deepest desires. If there is one rule a gentleman must follow, it is never to dally with servants. But when David is close enough to touch, the rules of class collide with the basest sort of animal instinct: overpowering lust.

For David Cyprian, burglary and blackmail are as much in a day’s work as bootblacking – anything for the man he’s devoted to. But the one thing he wants for himself is the one thing Richard refuses to give: his heart. With the tension between them growing to be unbearable, David’s seemingly incorruptible master has left him no choice. Putting his finely honed skills of seduction and manipulation to good use, he will convince Richard to forget all about his well-meaning objections and give in to sweet, sinful temptation.



Thoughts: This is the final book in the series and we get Lord Richard Vanes story.  He is the one everyone turns to for help, but when he needs help he turns to his valet, David Cyprian.  This was so much fun.  I loved the book and the audiobook was wonderful.

The narrator is  Matthew Lloyd Davies and I love the voices he gives the characters.  I have said before that a narrator can add to the stories, give them that something extra by hearing the characters speak.

I am sharing a link to a review for the book here:

It’s About The Book Review of A Gentleman’s Position by KJ Charles.  (Dianne , the reviewer is one of the people who convinced me to give historical romance a try.  Which segues perfectly with this weeks topic on Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words)

You can find out more about the series here:

Society of Gentlemen




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