Audiobook – Life After Joe by Harper fox

Life After joe by Harper FoxTitle: Life After Joe
Author: Harper Fox
narrator: Sean Crisden
Audible Audio Edition
Listening Length: 3 hours and 18 minutes
Program Type: Audiobook
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Carina Press Release Date: November 9, 2010


It’s not the breaking up that kills you, it’s the aftermath.

Ever since his longtime lover decided he’d seen the “heterosexual light”, Matt’s life has been in a nosedive. Six months of too many missed shifts at the hospital, too much booze, too many men. Matt knows he’s on the verge of losing everything, but he’s finding it hard to care.

Then Matt meets Aaron. He’s gorgeous, intelligent, and apparently not interested in being picked up. Still, even after seeing Matt at his worst, he doesn’t turn away. Aaron’s kindness and respect have Matt almost believing he’s worth it – and that there could be life after Joe. But his new found happiness is threatened when Matt begins to suspect Aaron is hiding something – or someone….

4,5 stars Review: I had only read holiday themed stories from this author until a friend strongly encouraged me to listen to this one. She said the story is wonderful and the narration is by Sean Crisden (Who I Love!- great narrator)

I had errands to run and was able to listen while traveling. I found myself lingering in the parking lot and taking the longer routes just to continue listening to the story. Then once I returned home, I donned headphones and tuned out everything but listening to this lovely story. (well, as much as possible) 🙂

First – the story – this is a beautiful story centering on Matt and Aaron.  When we meet Matt he is a mess.  His ex, Joe, who he has been friends with since childhood then lovers, has dumped him for a woman.  Matt is in a downward spiral and on a path to self-destruction.  Enter Aaron.  Matt first meets Aaron in a bar.  He has his sights set on making Aaron a conquest but Aaron gently rebuffs him as he has done with all the other men.  Yet when Matt makes some really bad drunken decisions,Aaron is there to rescue him.  Even though the story is told from Matt’s POV, we still get a good feel for Aaron and the secondary characters.  That said, since it is from Matt’s point of view, Aaron remains a bit of a mystery until late in the book.  This works well because as Matt and therefore myself as the reader, discover more about Aaron, it made me love his character even more.
The author weaves this story so beautifully, intertwining the past and the present, love, loss, and insecurities, new beginnings, hope and healing.

Second – Sean Crisden. His voice for these characters is perfect. He brings them to life and the accents take the reader to the locale of the characters. I am continually impressed with his narrations.



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