Audiobooks – My latest Obsession

A friend of mine recently started listening to audiobooks and making suggestions for ones she thought I might like.  I tend to like the voices in my head just fine thank you, but I thought I would give it a try.

My first one was Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander, Joseph Northton (Narrator)

Length: 11 hrs and 16 mins A male prostitute, a mangy cat, a murder, and an obsession that threatens his career, his impending marriage and his life…nothing is going as planned for Austin Glass.

Austin Glass seems to have it all: a loving fiancée, a future with the FBI, and a healthy-sized trust fund. At least on the surface. He also has a grin and a wisecrack for every situation. But the smile he presents to the world hides a painful past he’s buried too deeply to remember, and his quips mask bitterness and insecurity. Austin has himself and most of the whole world fooled – until he meets a redhead in a pair of bunny slippers.

As events unfold in the biggest case of his life, Austin’s carefully planned future unravels, and he finds himself pushed into making quick, life-changing decisions. But can he trust himself or anything he feels, when each event seems to be just a series of volatile reactions?

©2012 Dani Alexander (P)2014 Dani Alexander

Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander Audible bookcover


The narrator, Joseph Northton, captured the voices of the characters for me.  It was fun, engaging and I was laughing out loud while listening.  This is a book I have read more than once and I was afraid listening to it would ruin the voices in my head (those I had for the characters – lol)  I found it enhanced the experience.  I was so glad I took the plunge into audio.


This of course led me down the audio path and I jumped into a favorite series of mine :

The Cole McGinnis series by Rhys Ford.  Narrated by Greg Tremblay

The first book is Dirty Kiss

Dirty Kiss audiobook


8 hrs 21 min

Cole Kenjiro McGinnis, ex-cop and PI, is trying to get over the shooting death of his lover when a supposedly routine investigation lands in his lap. Investigating the apparent suicide of a prominent Korean businessman’s son proves to be anything but ordinary, especially when it introduces Cole to the dead man’s handsome cousin, Kim Jae-Min.

Jae-Min’s cousin had a dirty little secret, the kind that Cole has been familiar with all his life and that Jae-Min is still hiding from his family. The investigation leads Cole from tasteful mansions to seedy lover’s trysts to Dirty Kiss, the place where the rich and discreet go to indulge in desires their traditional-minded families would rather know nothing about.

It also leads Cole McGinnis into Jae-Min’s arms, and that could be a problem. Jae-Min’s cousin’s death is looking less and less like a suicide, and Jae-Min is looking more and more like a target. Cole has already lost one lover to violence-he’s not about to lose Jae-Min too.

My review from Goodreads:

I have recently become a fan of audio books. I tend to enjoy the sounds of the voices I give the characters in my mind. I was strongly encouraged to give this book a try. I was reluctant because I had read the book at least twice before and felt a bit stubborn, thinking the voices would not meet my expectations.

When I started listening, I set aside my preconceived voices and listened with an open mind. I found that the voices were even better than what I had been imagining, especially Jae and Scarlet. I adored the voice for Claudia too. Over all it was a wonderful experience. I am very happy with the voice talents of Greg Tremblay. Outstanding.

The story itself is wonderful. It is vivid, humorous,sexy, fast paced and filled with a delightful and varied cast of characters. I have read the entire series and now plan to listen to them too.

Book Two:

Dirty Secret audiobook

amazonBuyButtonGoodreads-Review-ButtonMy full review can be read on the Goodreads link above.  But what the excerpt below really showed me how the experience between reading and listening can have some pleasant surprises:

“Having read the book before, I did not expect to have any surprises while listening to the audio version. I was so very mistaken. Several of the scenes that I remembered from the book were much more poignant when I listened to Greg Tremblay read those wonderful words that Rhys Ford has written. Greg captures the characters voices perfectly. I will also admit that hearing the Korean words pronounced correctly was a lot of fun too. I am much worse than Cole.  “

The next two in the series can be found here:

Dirty Laundry Rhys Ford Audiobook


Dirty Deeds Audiobook


And Hopefully, soon to be released as an audiobook, Down and Dirty Cole McGinnis #5.  I can’t wait!

Down and Dirty book cover


And last, but definitely not least:

Frog by Mary Calmes narrator: K.C. Kelly     amazonBuyButton

Frog by Mary Calmes  5 hrs 23 mins

Weber Yates’s dreams of stardom are about to be reduced to a ranch hand’s job in Texas, and his one relationship is with a guy so far out of his league he might as well be on the moon. Or at least in San Francisco, where Weber stops to see him one last time before settling down to the humble, lonely life he figures a frog like him has coming.

Cyrus Benning is a successful neurosurgeon, so details are never lost on him. He spotted the prince in a broken-down bull rider’s clothing from day one. But watching Weber walk out on him keeps getting harder, and he’s not sure how much more his heart can take. Now Cyrus has one last chance to prove to Weber that it’s not Weber’s job that makes him Cyrus’s perfect man, it’s Weber himself. With the help of his sister’s newly broken family, he’s ready to show Weber that the home the man’s been searching for has always been right there, with him. Cyrus might have laid down an ultimatum once, but now it’s turned into a vow – he’s never going to let Weber out of his life again.

Once again this narrator does a beautiful job of bringing the characters to life.  This story is one of my favorite feel good books.  It’s fairytale quality is the perfect pick me up and Weber and Cyrus are perfect together.

I hope you have found something in this post that sparks your interest in trying audiobooks.  I was hesitant and started with books I had already read.  I found it was a fun experience.  Even if you decide not to listen, take a look at these books, they are fun, entertaining and well written.

Happy Listening


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4 thoughts on “Audiobooks – My latest Obsession

  1. It’s my latest obsession too! I listen via my phone in the middle of the night when I’d usually get up and boot up my Mac. I’m still awake just as long, but at least I can stay in bed in the warm! I’ve started with Josh Lanyon’s Holmes and Moriarity series narrated by Kevin R Free. Really enjoyed them. Thanks for the recs above. 🙂

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