The Working Elf Blues by Piper Vaughn

The-Working-Elf-Blues-300x450 Title:
The Working Elf Blues
Piper Vaughn
Less Than Three Press
Release Date:
December 16,2014
Approx. 13,500 words or 54 pages
Contemporary Fantasy
Five snowflakes
Garnet Evergreen has never heard of an elf abandoning the North Pole for a human, but he yearns to be the first. Ever since he saw Wes, the boy with sorrowful eyes, Garnet felt an undeniable kinship. Over the years, he’s watched that boy grow into a man, and now he’s determined to give Wes a Christmas he’ll never forget. If only Garnet had thought to test his father’s sleigh before leaving…

Orphaned as a child, Wes spends every Christmas alone at his cabin. When he’s woken by a suspicious boom and finds a wrecked sleigh and an unconscious elf, he doesn’t know how to react. Wes isn’t fanciful. He doesn’t give much credence to the stories about Santa Claus and flying reindeer. But a part of him wants desperately to believe when Garnet promises forever, even if life has taught him that no one ever stays…

The Working Elf Blues is a new holiday novella from Piper Vaughn. She graciously provided a copy for my honest review.

I love holiday themed books. They are a big part of how I celebrate the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It is a time of hot chocolate, warm snuggles under the blankets and, of course, a good book with a happy ending. I must say, this story met my holiday reading requirements.

The story revolves around Garnet, an elf with a penchant for breaking the rules and Wes, a man that has had a difficult past. When Garnet was a boy he snuck onto Santa’s sleigh one Christmas eve. When they stopped at one house, Garnet felt drawn to a room where he found a young boy with sorrowful brown eyes. After that meeting, Garnet could not help but sneak back every five years to see him again.

Wes has had his share of loss and although he is doing well now as an adult, he doesn’t allow himself to become hopeful. He knows it is all too easy to lose those you love.

When Wes is awoken by a loud sound and goes to investigate, the last thing he expects to find is a crashed sleigh and a young man dressed like an elf, complete with pointed ears. He takes the unconscious young man back to his cabin and realizes this is the same man that he has seen twice before in his life.

The author does a lovely job of bringing us the back-story of these two men and how their lives have intertwined throughout the years. I enjoyed that the way life at the North Pole was not really so different from the human world – at least in love and loss. Garnet is a great character. He is a bit of a rule breaker and follows his heart. There is a cute scene where Garnet explains how he knows so much about Wes that had me chuckling. Wes, for all that he has endured, finds he still is able to have hope because of Garnet, and is willing to take a risk and live in the present. They complement one another and it is fun seeing their feelings for each another grow.

The story is short but it is well developed, sweet and filled me with holiday cheer. There is no on page sex and only a tiny amount of angst. The ending is just beautiful.

Recommended for your holiday reading delight.

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