The Bible Boys by Dan Skinner

The Bible Boys by Dan SkinnerTitle: The Bible Boys
Author: Dan Skinner
Publisher: Cerberus Inc
Genre: M/M, Contemporary
Published: July 17th 2014
Word / page count: 125
Rating: 4.5


The Bible Boys touched a nerve as I was reading it. I recognize this type of church, been subjected to those narrow views and witnessed the hypocrisy first hand.  I felt angry and sad for the main character, Matthew.  Matthew has never known anything but the church and its restrictive teachings.  His parents have drunk the cool-aid and force Matthew to toe the line or feel the effects of Proverbs 13:24.
To make matters worse, Matthew is not handsome, no, he is pretty and being pretty in this particular environment just makes matters that much worse.  Matthew knows he is different in other ways too and he must keep these feelings hidden at all costs.  When Caleb and his family join Matthews church, he can’t help but sneak glances at the new boy but seeing as how Caleb seems to fit in with The Bible Boys (the churches boys youth group) he keeps his distance as he does with the rest of the congregation.  It is just safer that way.
The Bible Boys is more than a cautionary tale about radical fundamentalist beliefs and their effect on those who they see as different.  It is also a coming of age tale, about discovering ones sexuality, and finding love and hope for a better life when you least expect it.
I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all of Dan Skinner’s books.  He elicits a variety of emotions from me with each story he writes.  The ending of the story alluded to a better life for Matthew and felt hopeful, but I still had questions and wanted more.  I will admit that this is probably due to my inquisitive nature, although I suspect it is more to do with the talented author that was able to pull me deeply into his story and make me care for his characters.



If you have not read Dan Skinner’s books or are familiar with his photography, please follow the highlighted links and click on the book covers below.  He has become one of my favorite authors and his work is diverse and always captivating.

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