Hell for The Company Brimstone book 1 Angel Martinez

hell-for-the-company-book-coverHell For The Company by Angel Martinez

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Angels, Demons, anti-gravity cows. Didn’t expect that did you? What a wonderfully fun read.

We meet Shax and Verin while Shax is stealing some pretties and the men they belong to are trying their best to kill him. Verin comes to his rescue and once safely away Shax realizes they have some interesting passengers in the cargo hold. Anti-gravity cows. (totally awesome) Shax and Verin are demons on the run for reasons that are explained later in the book. Shax is a demon prince of thieves – which explains his love of the pretties. Verin is his business partner and friend. When a need arrives for food for their bovine cargo – they stop on a planet and find an angel, unconscious and injured. Shax cannot leave him and besides, he has golden feathers for wings – pretties.

What follows is a fun tale of two beings that are normally enemies finding out that they have more in common than not. I enjoyed the humorous mix of space western,adventure,romance, witty banter and the subtle way the author brings in the dichotomy of good and evil, stereotypes, politics and how we are not all painted with a broad stroke. There is good, bad and in between in all people, even demons and angels. Subtle, and works well with building the relationship between Shax and Ness (the angel). I adored Shax and found his character easiest to love. Verin is the gruffer of the two and I hope he gets more page time in the next book – which I am very much looking forward to.


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